"The Colors of Biodiversity"
Digital photography (no retouch/manipulation/filters)
Print on canvas 75x100x3
- Very few people know that shadows can be coloured ... you just have to project at least two lights of a precise wavelength from 400 to 700 nm, or between 790 and 435 THz of a frequency on the dark, and the shadows you get are not gray, but colourful.

- A new visual and expressive artistic language to show different kinds ofuse of the light (projection of coloured light beams on objects);
- A photographic technique that blends art and science;
- Conceptual photography of staged scenes;
- A SCIENTIFIC and EXPERIMENTARY SCIENTIFIC / EXPERIMENTARY study / research on the light wave theory formulated by Dutch physicist and mathematician Christiaan Huygens and the famous English scientist Isaac Newton in the 17th century and on the theory of colored shadows;
- An explosion of colours in a chromo-bright scene;
- Photography towards a pictorial use;
- An educational proposition of an art laboratory for schools and museums, encouraging children to the discovery of coloured shadows;

- MY GOAL: using this idea of taking shots of coloured shadows scenes with intense and vibrant chromaticity to make people aware of the serious actual global issue that concerns all of us “The progressive loss of biodiversity”.

- INTERVIEW: http://www.iltitolo.it/notizie-artisti-in-galleria/l-arte-di-ricerca-di-gianpaolo-marchesi
- solo exhibition catalog "BioMorfismi": https://www.facebook.com/I-Colori-della-Biodiversità-ideatore-Gianpaolo-Marchesi-1059991910679729/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1236447369700848
- contest "Donne in Rinascita 2017": https://www.premioceleste.it/opera/ido:417267/

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Maristella  Angeli
2 anni fa
Maristella Angeli Premium Pittore, Artista
Barbara Ghisi
2 anni fa
ma che bello!!! Bravissimo Gianpaolo
Paul Brotherton
2 anni fa
Paul Brotherton Designer, Artista
Lovely image....compliments on this series!
Teresa Palombini
2 anni fa

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