She Likes What She Sees

She Likes What She Sees

This is a moment that captured an emotion adults rarely experience: looking into a mirror and feeling a burst of joy and happiness, without judgement. There is an ancient Greek term for this experience, this state of mind and emotion, that has its origin in the art-of-living philosophy of Pyrrhonism, a moment where the frame of mind is expanded - if not completely abandoned - and we can calmly enjoy what we see, experience and discover without judgement and pre-conception. That moment is called "Ataraxia". An endless openness to the fascination of reality as it truly is - a joyful openness of mind and emotion that goes beyond any concept of being "open-minded".

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Stefan Thiesen
2 anni fa
Stefan Thiesen Artista, Fotografo, Giornalista
Thank you all!
2 anni fa
robolotion Artista
Klasse, fröhliche Portraitaufnahme.

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