Pittura, Emozione, Figura umana, Spiritualità, Tecnica mista, 80x60cm

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Aditya Yadav
2 anni fa
Aditya Yadav Artista
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Alaina Orlean
2 anni fa
Alaina Orlean Artista
This painting simply tells us the beauty of the artist’s brain-storming ideas that how beautifully he conveys his thoughts to us. This is simply beautiful & loving painting of girl who is watching up the sky with her thirsty eyes asking for something to God. How amazingly an artist describes the whole feeling of the girl.
Teresa Palombini
2 anni fa
Bel lavoro!
2 anni fa
Sissi Artista
MI piace molto la tua tecnica! Davvero bravo! :)

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