Return of class power and privilege

Return of class power and privilege

In ‘Return of class power and privilege’ is transcribed, to digital electronic system, some representative passages of Das Kapital by Karl Marx. In the current economic system and its establishment as ideologic framework, this book is translated to technologic terms. Terms that, partly, build up the current capitalist system.

By analysing this system based on the apropriation of other ideologies in market terms, two theoriticians share the same premise. For David Harvey and Alain Badiou, “neoliberal politics are not based on the new, but on a return of class power and privilege”.

Das Kapital representation in electronic system form visualizes the market strategy of apropriation and inclusion of elements within the current economic, ideologic and cultural discourse.

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Miguel Ángel Rego Robles
1 anno fa
Thank you Domenico
Domenico Ruccia
1 anno fa
Domenico Ruccia Artista
Nice work!

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