Requiem for a Physical Manifestation of a Cause

Requiem for a Physical Manifestation of a Cause

" Architecture was the most notorious form that flourished the conception of postmodernism" - Fredric Jameson.

Requiem for a Physical Manifestation of a Cause pays tribute to one of the most relevant artists in history, Gordon Matta-Clark, and his personal understanding of the space. In this project I have taken as reference Matta-Clark´s sectorial architecture. As Rossalind Krauss said "Matta-Clark´s cuttings are the physical manifestation of a cause".

In this project I have used the reflective windows used in postmodern architecture. According to Fredric Jameson in his book Postmodernism or the cultural logic of late capitalism, architecture "is based on the destruction of the traditional urban framework and its old culture of neighbourhood, through the radical rupture of the new utopian modernist buildingwith its surrounding context". In other book by Jameson, Seeds of Time, the theorist analyses various postmodern antinomies, showing them as hidden contradictions, making clear that late capitalism is other ideological path based on the negation of the very ideology.

Simulating Matta-Clarck´s procedure, the reflective window covers of these buildings have been eliminated, allowing the visibility without any kind of obstacle through them. In a rethorical way, the remnants of these supposed antinomies have been eliminated to make visiblethe intrinsic contradictions of late capitalism. Besides, each uncovered gap has been drawn with logic formulas that obtain mathematical contradictions as result. The window, in its composition, represents other contradiction from an aerial point of view, emphasising this concept.

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