Giardino Moschino

Giardino Moschino

Technique: "Cover-Up" - Painting and Spray and Crayon over C-Print, which is a Collage of (mostly own, if not-open source) Photographs and Scans of own structure- / painting-elements, Dimension: 100x100 cm

Description: This Composing is based on various scans of my paintings, it shows parts of sensual&rough-painted structures and on the other hand photographic elements (own material, made also in tuscany), so commercial logo-types.

Those refer in a way to the still almost average, here "special italian" machismo - seen in advertising, tv-media et cetera... and on the other hand, in combination with the holy symbol of the Rosario (also to find in this composing), the central element

of the female nude model maintains the eternal and viral seduction of the "role-play" the woman, the female body, "la donna" has symbolically in history of art/especially painting and in our daily, contemporary life.

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