Dolci Rosario

Dolci Rosario

Technique: "Cover-Up" - Painting and Spray and Crayon over C-Print, which is a Collage of (mostly own, if not-open source) Photographs and Scans of own structure- / painting-elements, Dimension: 100x100 cm

Description: This work tells kind of a story, which reflects my personal memories and impressions of my italy-journeys through Tuscany, also last year.

I always visit Florence and Siena and .... so much lovely other places/wineyards etc. every year and draw and photograph a lot for my studies, so I`m very excited about all my favourite classic, painting-idols and - on the hand, of the special flora, smells and flirty-charming atmosphere, which I associate with

"dolce vita" - when I`m chilling in the garden of a former Medici-Palazzo (Tavarnelle di Pesa, near the Chianti-area) like the women do in my work. But on the other side there is to watch this severe strength of catholic ceremony, believe and habit of each person, either listening to a concert in the domes/chapels or

little church besides or otherwise on any official representation; that is symbolized by the Rosario - to find in the collage, here "kind of flying" through the garden "of laughter, lust and love and kiss - connecting the figures somehow like a basic value and a deep asset, trust in future and in harmony.

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