welcomeback.mp4 is a multi media installation led by a fictional documentary that creates a fictional grandma and tells the story of my returning to my “grandma’s” house where I introduce her house to the viewer. In the film I build upon my fictional memory and connection between my “grandmother” and I. But in fact the footage is shot at Keats House and at the Freud Museum, and then combined to construct my imagined grandmother’s house. I also included clips taken from computer games, as I felt like a protagonist in an adventure computer game when I was secretly shooting at those museums and trying to avoid the staff. This also probes the relationship between the real and digital worlds. Some objects (such as: hologram prints, grandma’s jumper, computer game guide, video of fireplace) that are displayed in the video, construct the other narrative in reality. I hope to encourage viewers to search for clues to the relationship with the film.

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