The Emperor's New Clothes #1 (After Moroni)

The Emperor's New Clothes #1 (After Moroni)

Representation, time travelling, heritage, identity. Starting from a painting by GIovanni Battista Moroni, "Portrait of Gian Gerolamo Grumelli" (c. 1560), the work isolates a detail of the original work, to zoom in on the lower body part of the male model, from thighs to feet. There is a core displacing element of this latest version: the red slippers, here embroidered with a 20th century logo. The Onitsuka Tiger design, that still ornates contemporary training shoes, aims at raising questions about authenticity and cultural identity, contemporary taste and tradition, untimeliness and newness, class identity and popular culture. Moroni, and this work, remind us that when we look at an artwork from the past, we can see the future, beyond any standard of sense.

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