After He Cranked That

After He Cranked That

It is based off of Soulja Boy's hit song "Crank That," which was released in 2007. While this song won many awards, including the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Dance, BET Award for Viewer's Choice, and Grammy Award for Best Rap Song, the lyrics in the chorus "Superman that hoe" actually refer to a very vulgar for of sexual assault in which a guy will ejaculate onto a girl's back while she is sleeping, then throws a blanket on her so that when she wakes up it will be stuck to her like Superman's cape. This is usually done when a guy is mad at a girl for not having sex with him. So in this image, I depicted what the girl might look like after having been assaulted in such a way.

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2 mesi fa
Patrizio Artista, Critico
Meravigliosa pittura a matita. COMPLIMENTI, Hannah.......Il tuo futuro è eslusivamente nell'arte!

Ciao da Patrizio
Patrick Smith
2 anni fa
loud and clear..compliments!

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