HyperBox - 3D poster

HyperBox - 3D poster

Scultura, Idee, 270x320x50cm
This poster is made with real 3D objects fixed on the surface (F24size). This poster is the first made in Switzerland, and is made in two different sizes: F24 and F12 size (horizontal), using in both the situations different objects. The aim of this poster is to underline the philosophy of the Brand HyperBox and has been exposed on street for weeks obtaining the curiosity and good feedbacks from people.

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Patrizia Pfenninger
3 anni fa
Hi Officina del Riciclo, thank you for your comment! Yes the other piece is also published, the F12 size, but not yet here (right now only on my instagram page). thanks!
Officina del Riciclo
3 anni fa
Beautiful work! Can you also see the other job?

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