2017 A.D.

2017 A.D.

Installazione, Religione, Filosofia, Idee, Materiali vari, 50x50x50cm
Jacopo Garino's work starts from the metaphorization of isolation and the stagnation of the individual in post-modern society; the artist aspires to express the incommunicability which pervades our contemporaneity and us as individuals.
The black spheres, which represents thoughts and ideas, are circumscribed to a single, delimitated space, that of the cube, not allowing them to spread over. Even the primary mean of expression, language, cause pain and suffering.
In this dystopic portrait, the stagnation of human self is total and any person becomes nothing more than a mannequin, subjugated to the only standard.

Inspired by the nihilism in Nietzsche works, depicting the useless weight of the artificial superstructures that we carry along, such as religions, taboos about sexuality and the establishment.
Garino imagines and realizes a hymn to our society, in the sense of "the house in which we live in, the community of men."
2017 A.D. pictures a dystopia in which each head lays in an unbreakable glass case with no possibility of communication, in an endless manipulation.

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