Breath Control: notes

Installazione, Idee, 1200x200x50cm
Breathe in… And out… And… don’t… stop.

Breath Control is about the inhalations and exhalations that form the melody, rhythm and punctuation of our everyday existence. Although breathing is universal, it is personal. It is a sustaining action that can be both conscious and subconscious, completely taken for granted and the sole focus of life itself.

The Breath Control project has been realised through live art, interactive works and audio installation.

This entry is for an immersive sound installation entitled Breath Control: notes - an installation of over 150 single notes each sung by a different person. The notes have been recorded inside a bespoke Note Collection Station that has travelled to different locations to invite the public to sing the longest note they possibly can from one breath only. Notes are edited into random loops; they overlap, interact or are solitary voices creating an environment of harmony, disharmony and human-ness. The vocalised notes are accompanied by data collected from the participants about their basic respiratory health and include air pollution statistics from the location to form the context for the sound.

The notes are ideally installed in an enclosed space, heard through up to ten speaker outputs to create a layered, immersive soundscape that the visitor can move within.

It would be possible for the Breath Control Note Collection Station to accompany the installation in a nearby location, to gather more single breath notes that could be added into the soundscape.

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