manekin piss - never ending

manekin piss - never ending

Installazione, Astratto geometrico, Libertà, Felicità, Figura umana, Materiali vari, 180x225x180cm
manekin piss – never ending ; 2015
180 x 180 x 225 cm
plaster, mdf, pool , water pump, pipe, water, robotfish

The installation work is a persiflage of manekin pis in Brussels - Brussels as the headquarter of the European Union.
(the original work is designed in the renaissance and made out of bronze)

The installation is built out of simple every day items and materials.
The sculpture of manekin piss itself is made out of plaster, the pedestal in form of a pentagonal polyhedron is constructed from blockboard.
On one side there is a mirror foil reflecting the spectator and the environment. In front of the sculpture is a luminous, colourful paddling pool. The figure is pissing relaxed, courageous and confidently in an endless ray purposeful into the pool. A robbot fish pulling its circles in a constant manner.
The paddling pool reminds of the pop icon David Hockney and his various pool paintings.

So the work is a allegory of irreverence and courage. It reflects the spirit of riot, anticonformism and freedom and the power of youth.

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