Cinétract#1. From Oikos to Thanatos

The cinétract format appeared in Paris with the political crisis of May 68. This format consists in brief short films made with any kind of material available and minimun signs of post-production. Among the cinétract directors we could find Jean-Luc Godard, Chris Marker and Alain Resnais.

This first cinétract, From Oikos to Thanatos, is focused on some politics applied to the domestic space, analizyng four different contexts, Ancient Greece, USA, Spain and Iran to offer a macropolitical gaze of this concept; oikopolitics.

This project started in a trip to Tehran where I could gather documentation about the restrictions in the public space after the revolution in 1979. Various activities such asdrinking alcohol, dancing, not dresssing up chador and listening to occidenatl music were constrained the private space of the house.

The private space of the house, the oikos, emerged in the Ancient Greece as the set of goods and people that constitutes the basic unit of society. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the Chicago School thinker Gary Becker focused his sociological and economic studies on the configuration of family, spouses, and children. In general terms, in the policies that concern the domestic space, emphasizing that the creation of liberal subjectivity begins with the basic unit: the house.

In Cinétract # 1. From Oikos to Thanatos, there are four variations of the same central piece where the main protagonist is Otxarkoaga neighborhood in Bilbao that between the decades of the 50 and 60 suffered a radical transformation due to the policies dictated by the Prime Minister of Housing in Spain, Jose Luis Arrese, aimed at forming a new type of society that follows certain postulates theorized by Becker, as the destruction of the proletarian net to constitute a new social class: the "proprietary."

The new Otxarkoaga neighborhood was built so that its inhabitants change their status, from tenants or builders of their own houses, to owners. As a complementary part of this piece, I have designed a website containing the original cinétract archive made in 1968. Within this website there are different sections collecting contemporary art pieces, related texts and an open call to include any type of material related to this format.

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