Lieu de Memoire

Video, Politico/Sociale, Memoria, Filmato, 4:27
Lieu de Memoire

HD video (1080p), Pal, colour, sound
Exhibition format: H.264, mpg 4 media file
Duration: 4:27”

Lieu de Memoire was filmed in the atrium of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. Despite its dark Nazi history today the university is one of Germany’s highly ranked educational institutions. In recognition of its past the building has become a ‘place of memory’ and holds a museum dedicated to the student resistance group the White Rose. One last endeavor of the White Rose was to distribute anti-Nazi leaflets throughout the university building and in a final action Sophie Scholl, a prominent member of the group, threw leaflets from the upper balcony of the atrium. The film reenacts this last gesture that led to the arrest and the execution of several members of the group.

Lieu de Memoire is one of four new works commissioned by Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall, London for the exhibition Harnessing the Wind, 2015.

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