Pillows for Restfull Sleep

Pillows for Restfull Sleep

Installazione, Ritratto, Politico/Sociale, Libertà, Censura, Materiali vari, 130x130x12cm
“Pillows for Restful Sleep” consists 9 hand made pillows. On the front of the pillows are printed photos of mouths of different persons. Mouths are stitched with the red thread.
It is inspired by the comfortable position of a large part of the population in societies that slowly sink into totalitarianism, in which the freedom of speech and expression is restricted in various ways. Societies in which a different opinion or criticism is undesirable or even dangerous. Living in a society that slowly sinks into totalitarianism, I am witness that in many segments "silence is really gold", and it becomes socially desirable behavior that provides "restful sleep" (meaning that a person does not have much worry).
On the other hand, stitching the mouth is a powerful universal symbol of silence about the potentially dangerous topics. Since the red thread is believed to "deter" bad luck, stitching the mouth with it ensures double protection and greater serenity. Therefore, “restful sleep” is multiple secured.

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