Titel: Wall-Paper
Installation: Wall with masking tape and paper (3,5 -7m length)
Year: 2017

I work with the surrounding spaces as a current premise for my interventions. My focus takes its departure in the boundaries between architecture, art and landscape, by which I keep on questioning how we are perceiving and experiencing common sites and well known objects. My chosen materials are often characterized by being simple materials, where the original purpose of the product is reinvestigated. In the materials I use, the simple textural potentials are important to me - by using porous materials, the durability and lifespan of the work in itself is questioned and embodies the ephemeral character of the work.

Description of the work:
The installation piece corresponds to the surrounding space - the length of the piece therefore varies depending on the location. i.e. the piece follows a long wall or an enclosed room with four walls. ‘My reflections concern our pre-defined expectations of ordinary locations and materials.

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