The Colour Red

The Colour Red

Installazione, Politico/Sociale, Memoria, Emozione, Morte, Materiali vari, 50x2000x50cm
The Colour Red ( full photograph: Julie Miller Investment Art Institute JHS)

This artwork is an extension and continuation of a collaborative work called
“Who's Art is it Anyway?” - 101 Thoughts on 'something else'
The original floor installation, comprising 101 wrapped 'kewpies', was focused on the war in Syria in 2012 and the images on social media of those children caught up in the war.
I have chosen the title "The Colour Red" and would like the viewer to ponder and imagine what that colour means to them:
• to 'see' red
• like a rag to a bull
• a red rose
• poppy day
• Little Red Riding Hood
• a poem by south african poet Ingrid de Kock "small passings"
• Robert Lovell's "Soldier"
go and drench the wolf with blood,
when death shall lay that arm in peace.
• Homer’s “wine dark sea”
• The Scarlet Letter
• red sky in the morning..............................................

The 10 small etchings “Unique Impressions”, alongside “The Colour Red”, replicate the printed etched images on the glass of the ‘showcase’, they represent the loss of childhood experiences: dress-up and make believe/story-telling and game playing/learning about history and reading art and literature, ordinary things children learn as they grow up in order to negotiate the world they live in as adults.

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Paul Brotherton
2 anni fa
Paul Brotherton Artista, Designer
Compliments on this interesting project.... the text, the concept and the ceramic pieces are fascinating!

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