7 Artists

7 Artists

While my 6 fellow artists were occupied with making their own artworks in their studios, I was gathering their dust and projects residues. During a 2 months residency at Sculpture Space in Utica NY sponsored by ArteEast, I have archived my traces along with my colleagues’ as an attempt to put into question the dialogue we share with space and time.
Both the parameter and component of every block in this artwork are determined upon the individual’s presence and action. Thus 7 Artists is a portrayal of 7 people, which accentuates the granulated version of their reality.

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Carlo  Solidoro
2 anni fa
Carlo Solidoro Artista
very nice work
Rae Goosen
3 anni fa
Rae Goosen Installation artist
I am in order to say Congrats!
dalia baassiri
3 anni fa
dalia baassiri Artista
Thank you so much Patrick! Fingers crossed.
Patrick Smith
3 anni fa
Indeed the artist should be applauded for her attempt at questioning the dialogue as the residual chips represent a perversion (sensu stricto) of a long history where the sculptural art paradigm that focused on the pieces themselves rather than their cast off detritus. Whereas Michelangelo may turn over in his grave, this work brilliantly encapsulates the pervading current art ideals (and certainly including those of the Celeste network) where, no matter how small, insignificant and esoteric, ideas triumph over skill and aesthetics. Congratulations on this masterful commentary.

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