The Algorithm Will See You Now

The Algorithm Will See You Now

The series, The Algorithm Will See You Now (2017), is a way to imagine and forewarn a
future. With technological advancements, in particular AI and deep learning algorithms, expert medical machines could soon examine us. This series depicts a very low-tech robot hand gadget being operated by human hands. They expose the fragility of the human body, with its limitations, prone to diseases, in need of medical help and ultimately with a relatively short expiration date. A human can only work so many hours and is constantly aging, yet a machine can be configured to work non-stop.

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Benedetta Spagnuolo | Art Curator
2 anni fa
Ottimo lavoro !
Stefan Thiesen
2 anni fa
Stefan Thiesen Artista, Fotografo, Giornalista
I like the concept. Unsurprisingly. We are thinking in the same direction. Would love to see more!

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