Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness

Installazione, Tecnologico, Politico/Sociale, Natura, Materiali vari, 228x122x21cm
'Collective Consciousness' is a visual and auditory poem about the progress in the world, the evolution of our species. It is a symbolic portrait of a crucial point in civilization, where we can either turn and make positive change, or enter the point of no return.

Much of my art focuses on the approaching technological singularity. Human existence today teeters on a precipice. We are at a pivotal moment, at which our fate lies in our immediate collective action. Some singularity theorists project that the radical exponential progress of Artificial Intelligence, will reach a saturation level – the “technological singularity” – by mid century, only three decades from now.

Technological growth, AI, and our immersion into the digital, hyper-real cyber world, will impact human civilization in unknowable ways. It could be a threat, but we need to hope it is an opportunity. As one science writer states “We will soon create intelligences greater than our own... human history will have reached a kind of singularity, an intellectual transition as impenetrable as the knotted space-time at the center of a black hole, and the world will pass far beyond our understanding.”

Only through a connected, collective consciousness, which we can create through connection with each other, can we ensure the future survival of ourselves and our planet. I believe that artists can be an agent of positive and necessary change.

For "Face the Music" - one component of my series "Collective Consciousness", various objects and materials that represent civilization, are put into a modified washing machine, and the resulting sounds created by the rotating mechanism, recorded. A layout of the blackened objects upon a stark white canvas, will be presented before a black brick wall, separating the machine from viewer. The viewer becomes implicated when a sensor, activated by their presence, triggers the sound recording.

There is a movement back to stone, back to dust, and all in darkness, against the canvas our world has provided. The black on white is like a reverse image or a negative plate of the universe of black skies filled with points of white light.

PLEASE NOTE - a documentary featuring my installation "Face the Music / Collective Consciousness", is being filmed in Turkey this summer during the Sinopale Biennial. The documentary is entitled "Face the Music", directed by Yusuf Emre Yalcin. Filming is set to start with my arrival at the Istanbul airport on July 19th. The documentary follows my creative process for this particular installation which was conceived during my last visit. The filmmaker's intention is to show how art can be created despite political instability and upheaval.

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