The window is an object that is present everywhere, the kinetic sculpture started around the idea of objects that repeat themselves to such an extent that the way we experience them and remember them becomes an amalgamation of iterations of the same object, experienced in different times and spaces.
Thie object is the result of an ongoing exploration of the ideas of home and memory, of what makes up the ordinary and how those terms are experienced through the objects that surround us.
The process of the window began by distortions of its shape and its function as well as the interaction we have with it, it is an object that becomes flattened in the periphery of a space we inhabit, when installed, we only perceive one dimension of it, and the interaction is to look through it, to open and close it in linear movements. But can we remember all those windows we have encountered? how does that object or the idea of a window exists in our memories? Does it become a generic concept of what a window is supposed to be and what is supposed to let us experience?

The object unfolds to reveal many possibilities and perspectives of itself, the motors add motion and repetition, slow, jittery movements of the motors that struggle to move the chopped up pieces of different windows reconfigured, flattened and expanded at the same time. The hum of its motion gives it agency and autonomy from our own experiences, it transforms into an object of dilated presence.

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