Installazione, Filosofia, Idee, Architettura, Astratto geometrico, Materiali vari, 518x579x518cm
My artwork visually explores the duality of logical systems and urban systematic constructions, which serve as practical tools, yet which are inevitably flawed. The basic building block of my visual approach is the grid, which I consider to be a visualization of logic. I challenge the normal view of a grid — ordered, structured, balanced — seeing it rather as a fluid organism.

Two projects, OPEN-ENDED and UNDER CONSTRUCTION, address the contemporary experience of living constantly within urban grids.  They are decompositions of cityscapes, bringing the vulnerable skeleton of the city to the surface.  These installations are geometric-abstract paintings realized in spaces and installations with completed artworks as their parts. The individual paintings in the installations are blueprints, and the installations are realizations of the blueprints in spaces. They are low-tech interactive installations.

On entering the installations, viewers are invited to experience three conditions:

1) that the individual paintings and segments of the installation are autonomous entities in themselves, and simultaneously exist as part of and reflective of the installation as a whole;
2) that by entering the installation, the viewer also retains his/her individual nature while becoming part of the installation as a whole; and
3) that because of the nature of the individual segments, being reflective of the installation as a whole, the viewer is metaphorically entering each segment simultaneously, illustrating that the first two conditions are experienced in multiple layers at once. 

Within the installations, the relationship between the segments and the wholeness is open-ended, continuously under construction.

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