Pittura, Memoria, Paesaggio, Emozione, Astratto informale, Tecnica mista, 120x120cm
I have been exploring the theme of instability. And I experiment the theme in many aspects.

I draw from the imperfect memory of mine, filling the missing parts. Thus, my work is located in between abstract as well as landscape. Being in between make instability.

The unstable quality is expressed on the surface of the painting where paints flows on the surface implying fluidity. These are other aspects of instability.

I use a diverse range of materials on the surface of the canvas or paper at the same time. For this work, I draw with watercolour and oil on canvas. The drying speed(fast : slow), the texture(matte : glossy), and the way of spread colours(smear : put) are distinctively different; They do not mix. So, I employ both attributes of watercolour and oil in one painting. The different materials collide, permeate, and accumulate. They make their own relationships, deepening the layers of the painting.

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