Pittura, Filosofia, Memoria, Idee, Emozione, Acrilico, 16x20cm
He who watches the world, sees but the truth that man has long since been blind to. Rather, now that I think of it... He who watches the world, sees the truth that man has long since turned away from. The inhabitants of this earthly world choose to ignore the realities of their doings, and yet, only within their chosen ignorance have they been allowed to exist within the very falsities that they themselves accept as their truth. He who watches, sees the beauty of this world. He sees the blood, dripping from the hands of man. Their hands are stained, he speaks unto himself, yet their minds, how they are able so easily to acknowledge not what is right before their eyes. He who watches laughs as he beholds the reality of man... .. . He who watches. .. ... Within these collection of eyes... They as one... These eyes, What do they see... ?

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