Fur head

Fur head

Pittura, Simbolo / Lettera, Ritratto, Memoria, Sentimento, Acrilico, 100x120x5cm
Painting is the most optimal way to express emotions for me. I am looking for a simple but not banal form, rich with symbols. This is the reason why most of my works are iconographic. Every painting is connected with one story. I am fascinated in human relations. I am not trying to be objective because only my own, subjective point of view expresses sincere emotions I want to illustrate. I am able to be sincere only speaking of things I know perfectly. Every painting is a part of a series that comes from a particular story. I treat painting like writing a notebook. I paint things I want to remember or to forget about.

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Stefan Thiesen
2 anni fa
Stefan Thiesen Artista, Fotografo, Giornalista
It stirrs up some emotions in me. I also first thought: looks like a mutated box jellyfish - a creature that causes deep scars in reality - usually even kills a human on contact.

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