light windows

light windows

The installation of separate light boxes that is controlled by a viewer via Bluetooth
and the viewer is able to change the light environment, therefore, an art itself.
Light Windows are supposed to confuse a viewer and question how light alter or distort our perception of space and time. The boxes are the symbolic windows that reveal abstract and elusive visions of the world. The manipulated artificial light combined with reflective materials and images modifies our perception of the installation. The light becomes a creative tool that constantly and smoothly repaints the images. By using the Bluemity application on smartphones, the viewer is able to control what he sees through these windows.
The work is based on an advanced LED control system called Bluemity. It allows dimming, change of colours and dynamic tuning via tablet or smartphone. The installation is connected with 2 Bluemity drivers, allowing the viewer to manipulate different effects, brightness and colours of light on each half of the windows. The effects are abundant.
The light installation not only allows changing the colour and brightness of the images but also shows and explores the relation between light and materiality. Reflective and transparent materials such as aluminium, transparent and colourful foil with shiny papers are composed and fitted inside the boxes. By manipulating the electric light with these materials, the images change their nature, power, texture, brightness, colours and content. The symbolic time and space alter, becomes vivid and ambiguous.

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