Pittura, Spiritualità, Sentimento, Erotico, Emozione, Acrilico, 80x80x6cm
My artistic process draws as much from the eternal quest for beauty than the quest for emotions, sensations and excitement.
In truth, the most important thing to me is to experience excitement or an arousal of some sort, to be stimulated by an event, a person, a place, a situation, a climate.. whether it is a good or bad experience doesn't have such a dramatic importance, as long as it provides stimulus.
This tension that lives inside you, in this initial moment before starting to work on a piece, is really the most intimate and important reason that drives you to keep working.
Expression, in my terms, do not reside in the passion that strikes a face or that is channeled through a violent movement. Expression is in the whole disposition of my painting : the given space that bodies hold and by opposition, the empty space around them, the scale of proportions, everything is an item or parameter of my expression.
This painting was created by an natural impetus, the madone of feelings is floating between two dimensions, the pleasure and the pain, the future and the past. We don't know if she's taking pleasure or something else. My work is all about expressing revolt through a quality of paint that is alive, vibrating, visceral.

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Giampaolo Cataudella
1 anno fa
very nice, It makes me think of a self-portrait

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