Insomnia Diary - A self-portrait

Insomnia Diary - A self-portrait

"Is one's loneliness reduced by half or doubled when he or she has got a companion?"
- from her "Insomnia Diary ii",page 27.
This single photo is from my photo projects named "A Room of Her Own." In these photos, most of which were self-portraits,I adopted SHE as female identity, with myself as the subject of the picture, to express my feelings of being a female. As life goes on, I begin to feel the complexity of the real world—-relationships with the opposite sex, the pressure to lead a steady life, the anticipation from parents and etc. In different stages of my life, I’ve been facing and talking to the uncertainty in the bottoms of my heart and SHE has been, which I believe, doing the same thing.

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ZIQQURAT ugocròm Zatini
2 anni fa
Benedetta Spagnuolo | Art Curator
3 anni fa
excellent work !

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