Somewhere between an exploration of memory, materials and meditative sensory pleasures, I draw inspiration from repetitive geometric patterns and relief work found within arabesque art & architecture that I grew up around in India. In this work, I explore the idea of prayer and carving out a place for personal meditative contemplation.I took my memories of the vibrant collage of the rich cultural environment in India, a remembrance of the rituals, ceremonies, smells experienced in my growing up years and processed it through a filter of modern design and aesthetic. Geometric in its form, this work is an abstraction of those visuals of wonder and tactile memories of handmade objects of my growing up years.

Paper is both material and colour in my paper weavings. I use geometry and the tension in curled paper strips to create relief works that rise up from the surface and reveal their richness to the viewers as they step in and move around them. Using a technique born out of my longing to touch & feel my medium(paper) and to slow down in a fast paced world, these works are an articulation of my desire to draw out meaning from mayhem.

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