Seven Octopuses on Copper Color Background, from "Taliq" (Suspension) series

Seven Octopuses on Copper Color Background, from "Taliq" (Suspension) series

Pittura, Filosofia, Idee, Acrilico, 230x110x2cm
About “Taliq” (Suspension) Series

In short, the “Taliq” (Suspension) series refers to a situation of uncertainty and compulsive aimlessness resulting from conditions in which the basis of every foundation is considered absurd, unstable and doomed and any effort is indeed a pale value and commonly has a low impact. Just like Sisyphus who used to repeat an absurd attempt.

The layout of the elements of this series is often based on solid backgrounds that expresses their both placelessness and timelessness.

The repeated element in most works of this series is a form of body of the octopus whose consistency with the overall concept of the series is the reason for this choice. Octopus is a marine animal within class Cephalopoda. Because of its different body structure, DNA and many other features, there are some theories relative to its extraterrestrial life, alienation and compulsory belonging to its living place. An octopus has a suspended locomotion. It rapidly alters its color. If threatened, it shoots a dark violet inky fluid to protect itself and at the same time, it escapes from the same dark zone it has created itself.

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