Camarón Que Se Duerme Se Lo Lleva La Corriente

Camarón Que Se Duerme Se Lo Lleva La Corriente

With this series called “El Sarape de Saltillo”, I explore the possibility of an element being transformed such that it becomes something entirely different. It is a scenario that we know extremely well in Mexico when we analyze and explain daily occurrences with “refranes,” a word in Spanish that means to distort words’ meanings by using context.

Each photograph is a long exposure macro photograph of a small area of the classic Mexican Sarape or how its actually called “Sarape de Saltillo.” Its colors and textures are blended to create soothing landscapes, each one of them with a familiar name.

This specific piece is called “Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente” which would have the direct translation of “Shrimp that falls asleep gets dragged by the current.” When used in the right context, this proverb would refer to an inactive someone who in consequence to their indolence loses their edge to someone or something else.

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