‘Chakra’ is compilation of three performance based videos that were conceived, performed at the London Hornsey Town Hall’s Council Room which has been stripped of its authority, lying disused and abandoned for over a decade. Through these physically enduring performances the artist investigates the trajectories of authority & suppression, the struggle between detachment and belonging, the antithesis of solitude and alienation, the contradictions of rebel & surrender and the dichotomy of acceptance and rejection of social dogmas and expectations experienced as an individual who struggles to negotiate her identity in a foreign land.

The space is loaded with the stench of rotten memories of authority,
No one answers to the whispers of negotiations anymore,

The interrogations have faded away,
They cannot identity her.

The process of detachment lies silently in the dark well,
Listening to the echoes of the spinning threads of surrender.

While wombs circulate nonstop around milky oceans,
Children howl and she dances on perpetual melodies of solitude.

Temple bells fall asleep- wrapping and unwrapping the eternal cry,
Boundaries between celebration and mourning merge.

She roams like a ghost in her own void contemplating the inconsolable,
The obscure hums of the lost lullaby dissolve in to oblivion.

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