When still we could be forgiven

When still we could be forgiven

Humans have trouble not trying to catch whatever's in their reach.
They want to possess.
There was a time when the planet was infinite and this fondamental craving was almost harmless. Such is the time I depict in this picture.
But even then, even though it did not always cause immediate harm to our environment, our greed was still a bad trait that we should have been trying to work on and temper. This is the meaning of this picture. The time of the possibility of a peaceful, intelligent way of changing ourselves is now gone. Everywhere we look, thousands of human hands overlap each other, hiding the beautiful land that once breathed here. Changing our way to conceive and perceive property has become the tedious homework that we ran away from during the whole holidays.
Except we will not have another shot.
So ... yeah. Let's get going, my friends.
Let's share.

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Gaspard Noel
2 anni fa
Gaspard Noel Artista, Fotografo
I'm very glad you feel that way, Stefan! :)
Stefan Thiesen
2 anni fa
Stefan Thiesen Artista, Fotografo, Giornalista
Your work is very much in tune with my thinking, feeling and also my research and activism. Fascinating approach.

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