Strange Eye

The work is exploring the body and the senses in relation to questions of technologies, aesthetics, desire and political. According to Heidegger we’ll never be able to explore our relation to technology as long as we think about it as something only technological. Rather we shall be questioning technology and see it’s essence not only in the technical but also the poetic.

Drawn by the both threatening and beautiful aspects of these new technologies, the work is presenting the natural vs. the unnatural to enhance the feeling to be at the mercy of a technology but at the same time engaging with it. The work is aiming to question both where the desire for these technologies is coming from and dealing with observation and presentation at the same time. Why are people exposing and watching nudity through their devices and is this replacing reality somehow? Why seems the relationship to ones phone or laptop so intimate? It feels as if technology has become that present on every level in our lives, that we are no longer conscious of it as something alien or something potentially dangerous. The exposition of the female nude body as the most natural thing to a technological subject observing it, is visualizing this new freedom but also potentially dangerous situation and questioning the future of human and technology.

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Aldo palazzo
2 anni fa
Aldo palazzo Artista
un drone e una bella tipa,ok,vabo'
Roberto Capuzzo
2 anni fa
Roberto Capuzzo Artista
top compliments.............

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