"Who I am" from the series "The silent dialogue"

"Who I am" from the series "The silent dialogue"

Fotografia Digitale, Ritratto, Nudo, Memoria, Emozione, Digitale, 52x52x4cm
"The silent dialogue" is a deliberate selection from an ongoing series of conceptually documenting selfportraits since 2014, examining the relationship between my own body and mind. Facial features and a physiognomic identity are avoided in order to focus on the skin and its storytelling, allowing the observer to identify with shown imagery. The single photographs can be seen as fragments or shards which, put together, yield a mirror enabling me to analyze and reflect on myself.
Diagnosed with depression and an emotionally unstable personality disorder I discovered the camera as a way of treatment and peaceful exorcism.

"Who I am" shows within the context of the series three marks on my body that are strongly connected with my history and identity. The scars on my arm are a testimony of a past battle and of hard-won self-acceptance, while the habit of biting my nails is the only uncontrollable action left to fight against. Between my fingers, only slightly visible, is the scar around my nipple which is left by the removal of a tumour. This scar is a reminder of my own mortality as well as a link to my family history, since my grandmother died from breast-cancer, which often occurs in our (female) bloodline.

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