senza titolo 53-16

senza titolo 53-16

Pittura, Minimal, Astratto informale, Astratto geometrico, Tecnica mista, 116x110x4cm
Vincenzo Frattini’s work Untitled 53-16 (2016) is made of two fitted modulesinterlocked between each other creating an atypical, edgy and irregular shape. The amaranth-red monochromatic table opens itself to welcome a wooden pentagon on which a layering of acryliccolours characterized by strong chromatic contrasts is sculpted to question the supremacy of pure colour free of any representational limits. After a slow and accurate process of paint application and drying, the artist digs directly into the colour by means of a drill through the technique of painting by subtraction. The light emphasises the specificity of every single subtraction by invading the spaces and revealing abstract polychromies. This workfits into the languages of minimalist geometric abstraction by intercepting a tradition which dates back to the beginning of the previous century through the elaboration of an original and dynamic personal style. Frattini focuses on space and colour, creates harmony and tension between opposite chromatic planes, combines symmetries and asymmetries as a way to give structure to the two-dimensional surface of the artwork. A convinced independence from the world of reality further emphasises the essentiality of his geometry by referringto a universe of inorganic yet codified forms that get to the essence itself of abstraction to eventually rediscover the sensuality enshrined in the union between two separate elements.

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