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In Bosch's hell, she was condemned to look at her own reflection. Forever. Condemned by her vanity, she is vanity.
Spirit that wanders through the darkness of the Garden of Earthly Delights. She's vanitas.
A latin noun means "emptiness" and "vanity." And it also refers to the "vanitas" paintings of the Middle Ages. A type of symbolic work of art from northern Europe and the Netherlands, from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which seem like a morbid artifact, but act as a reminder of the ephemerality of life.
Memento mori, or "remember death." A poignant message from Bosch comes to this film. Because today we do not share pains and failures. And so vanity is the price to be paid. Such a move made vanity a virtue, no longer the capital sin of pride. Bringing among its characteristics immortality. We are the civilization that put death aside.
Therefore, the idea of this work is to exhort the spectator to consider mortality. Pondering about death is, paradoxically, pondering about life and temptations. Observing ignorance about false values, he warned that "their vices and horrors, their dishonorable passions, their wild, blind, their dangerous irrationalities, their unconfessable impulses ..." has an end. This is the drama.

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Maria Cristina Rumi
2 anni fa
Bellissimo!!! Non ho parole per descrivere le emozioni che suscita questa tua opera. La verità della vita come protagonista, il tempo che è complice del cambiameno, i desideri che mai moriranno avvolti dal ricordo di cio' che si è stati !!!!Bravo!!!!

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