Sunset Propaganda

Sunset Propaganda

20000 ex. tracts printed with the following text :

About news and geology

The surface of the earth and the figment of mind, the memory, tend to overlap and disappear into the rocky landscapes of history. Various elements, both fictional and real, sometimes trade places with each other, resulting in what Robert Smithson calls “ abstract geology ”. Virtual memory, like that of humans, is in a constant state of erosion and sedimentation. Day after day, dusts of numerical data settle forming abstract and submarine plains. The vast expanses of information stratify within the immense reservoirs of the Internet. Slowly these layers, of varying degrees, surface like reefs to form a complex structure of ideas.

The wave of day-to-day happenings resonates like abstract topographies- the landscapes of our times being shaken by social tectonics. Tragedy takes centre stage in the media and our minds are easily influenced by the shifting clichés that geology can embody in the news. The green mountain of Kurdistan, the tropical green shoreline of Haiti, the sandy and arid plateau of Syria… such exotic and terrifying backdrops constitute an advanced type of Orientalism and build upon the ongoing mythology of fictional history.

These visions accumulate in an archipelago of fantasies and repressed desires in the collective consciousness. Islets of information slowly rise within a pictorial ocean and appear under new semantic shapes. It forms a mental picture of the epic poetry of today: the mystic and merciless desert of Islam, the impenetrable mountains of Afghanistan, the damned and deadly waters of the Mediterranean, the burnt and turbulent mud of Ukraine…

These media plates slowly fold and distort the great masses of texts, images, lives and dramas. An earthquake drags out from the ground forgotten layers of a historical dream. A landslide totally wipes out the memory of an entire civilization. And as and when the news happens, in the heat of the moment, clusters of particles of history are crystallized; some of these becoming jewels will remain ever buried under an ungrateful mineralogy.

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