TYPE: Indoors kinetic sculpture
MATERIALS: Jesmonite, copper, patina, varnish, arduino kit, motor, distance sensors
DESCRIPTION: Interactive sculpture that depicts a society where people are so stressed that end up using masks, in order to behave properly on each of the roles they play in their lives. A society where people are no more looking inside the world, there are looking outside, because we have already collapsed resources here. A world where human beings pretend to explain everything with rationality, believing themselves ‘superior’ from the other species, but that not matter what, end up fighting like animals. An era as well, where we have changed Newton theory to Einstein, ergo changed the idea that we are matter creatures to energy. Hence this carousel moves in order to represent how hierarchies have disappeared. Where even though we think we are free, we live controlled by institutions that are very static toward social changes. Therefore the circus tent does not move, representing the power and control, which is also represented on the image of a circus to express how nobody relies in authority anymore. The sculpture moves faster as you get closer to it, looking forward to reflect how the more we try to grasp certainties, the more we realize reality is ungraspable, and maybe the only thing we need to recover is our tactile capacities. That is the reason why everything in this sculpture has been handmade and the characters where modeled in wax, to invite to reassess our haptic ability of feeling the world.

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the absense / sliptrick records
3 anni fa
welcome to the jungle!!! brava!

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