Born, Reborn, Borne

Born, Reborn, Borne

Fotografia Analogica, Memoria, Sentimento, Analogica, 106x30cm
It’s all about nostalgia. A material and conceptual nostalgia for place, not particularly a time. I feel that I almost came to Venice too early, I was born, reborn and then borne. The overexposure, underexposure and imperfections in the film are referencing a point of my own metamorphosis and an oscillation from birth to rebirth.
The red blocks are synonymous to the gaps and crevasses in my memory. The way I remember her silken waters and Serenissima is at points blurred and censored, a reimagined past. Venice will forever be my Utopia, an infinitely unfolding unrealised project that as an artist I endeavour to facilitate. The photographic realisations become cathartic, my plight and protest against forgetting.

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