64 black dots that don't exist but in your mind.

64 black dots that don't exist but in your mind.

Grafica Digitale, Spiritualità, Politico/Sociale, Minimal, Libertà, Computer graphics, 70x70x2cm
Print from digital file on canvas. This pattern of black dots or "stage set" displays and creates deception. Our perception is very limited, we are easily fooled. Reality is re-created by our brain every millisecond. This piece moves along the border between science and perception. Black and white and light and darkness are not the only two borders, not only the opposites parts of the whole thing (yin and yang from a quantitative prospective), but most importantly, they have different qualities, this is the reason why our brain and eye can't complete this peculiar "frequency pattern".
Light has different qualities than darkness, a key message from my series “Light From The Darkness”. Actions unite them with choices, in time. In your mind.
What is the real border between Inner Perception and Physical Reality? We must question our perception of reality and how this can be related to the vision of the world we have and with our decision making system. For over 15 years this concept has affected my work since beginning this journey in perception and reality with my photography.
Looking at this work from a social/political prospective I started to think about mass deception, a topic I first touched on with "Reality Show" in 2009. Too often people are distracted by something that doesn't exist in reality, but only in their minds. At the same time they are losing the opportunity to be fulfilled by something else – reality, with input and information as "a difference which makes a difference." (cit. Bateson) in terms of "quality contents and meanings” effective for the human evolution and freedom.

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