Peripheral Neuropathy

Damaging to nerves is called “Peripheral Neuropathy” in medical literature. The nerves responsible for the transmission of information and images enable to function the brain and neural conduction. Damaging to the nervous system causes the body to lose function and peripheral neuropathy begins to develop. In this day and age, contemporary art system deserves to be described by such metaphor in the context of "Center / s and environment / s", with the metaphor of "peripheral neuropathy". Of course, this is based on a dual relationship. While the tactics and strategies of producing images for the environment / centers are determined and theorized in systemic centers, the flow of these produced images is centered as authenticity and reverse flow for re-circulation is taken. In this case, art moves between negotiating and countering, and it is becoming more and more shallow. This must be seen as a damage that occurs at the nerve endings because the environment is both damaging to them (because it is never an authenticity issue), it also contributes to the transformation of the centers into oil-based belts that are dependent on the market.
This video work, called Peripheral Neuropathy, is trying to show an action that is trying to break the link between negotiation and counteraction in this sense. It attempts to reveal that the boundaries are set at the conceptual dimension, giving each image-imager reflected from the screen, glass, and so on, and trying to play with the nerve endings of the image.

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