Presence II

Presence II

"Presence" series is an attempt to generate insight about object fetishism. In this work, installation is composed as an Architectural model which consisted of everyday objects. The arcitectural model intends to be a representation sample of gigantic urban planning and crazy projects which are belong to star architects. It try to unfold the problem of “construct” notion in that field by setting a playground for kids. And go to show capitalist construction is a game, an exclusively forceful adult game...

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özge Topçu
2 anni fa
özge Topçu Artista
It s good to hear this comment robolotion, thank you!
Helga Kalversberg
2 anni fa
Eine sehr gute Idee !!
2 anni fa
robolotion Artista
Intriguing, futuristic architecture model, showing a touch of humor due to the use of every-day items.
Good luck with the contest!
Daniël Stragier
2 anni fa
Goed werk. Nice

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