Installazione, Astratto informale, Materiali vari, 97x4000cm
Rolled sponge balot consists of a relief modules, which in their dimensions are based on real dimensions side face (one side of the brick). Glued together with shorter side reach stripes approx. 35 meters, which in turn create pavement width approx. 97 cm. The color depends on the material, which is a sponge upholstery Recycled. Its coloration result of the degree of dirt or the original shade.

Through this realization I wanted to catch the excess, collect, amass, organize, and give a new meaning to what human being has abandoned and treated as waste. The object follows from a deep need to get order in private space, as well as social.

EXPOSURE - Belot partially developed

The installation, like a red carpet unfolds before the viewer. He moves about the way of life, join to the unknown path, follow it along, measuring the obstacles and opportunities to explore the further potential. The confrontation with the viewer, developed fragment is an invitation to discover its individual components. I care for unique experience of the matter, on re-contact with her and getting to know her again.

I put the question: where are we going [in this way]? Are the goal important? Is the end, the point where we want to stay? Where is the end of the search? E.t.c.

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