Fanny as Hator

Fanny as Hator

This painting is from the series of 6. Where I choose to paint model named Fanny from photographs of Jock Sturges. I choose those photos because they were of great quality and for me to take pictures like that would take a whole lifetime to learn. So I decided to use what culture offers me and create a whole new aesthetic. I also decided to paint those 6 photographs on plastic canvas with acrylics. Like in Renaissance master painters used the materials of their times I choose to use the materials that could only be purchased in this age that is plastic. Also a great motivation to paint on plastic was that it will have a long lifespan and I think will hold longer than any canvas made out of Linen. In every painting I would add something of my own and create atmosphere around them not just copying the photo but playing around with matter of the skin, air, temperature and abstraction. In this painting first I started with a figure that has hands she also had a face at first but later I decided to add another face at the bottom of the corner to create this tension that she is being pushed into this realm. I also had a dream once where I opened the doors to a great balcony pulling them towards myself and this motive resonated with combination of those hands pushing and that girl appearing. To me it seems that "this" girl was the one that helped me to open those doors by pushing them toward me and all I had to do is pull. Later painting I would get into these very intense state of minds where I would breath the Old Egyptian air and paint the Goddess- Hator.

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