The Language of Feet in the Walk of Life

The Language of Feet in the Walk of Life

Project The Language of Feet in The Walk of Life

The project redefines footwear as having a purpose as autonomous, expressive artworks rather than purely to define the wearer.
The perspective is from a central point where art and fashion are one.
By evolving the shoes appearance through the process of craft new forms are created which can self-narrate. emotive life related naratives are key to the journey through the pieces.
The wider project talks about four experiences of self; one of which is self loss. Walking in Circles symbolises the inability to move forwards or prevent a repetative action. All of the works have a positive paradox in their desire to look to the future and progress the conceptual voice of fashion into art.
In order to trasform the visual language of the shoe into a conceptual object its essence was sought to be captured as a physical and emotional vessel of action, no verbal communication and action.

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