Wonders of Innosence

Wonders of Innosence

Pittura, Memoria, Natura, Olio, 59x74x2cm
This artwork takes me back in time to my wondrous years of my childhood. As with most people, the time of my childhood is and shall always be special to me. Throughout the years of my childhood, I would see much of the world through rose-colored glasses, living in my dream world most of the time. To this day, I feel a pull within me – a strong pull towards that time. Those were some of the best few years of my life.

A photo from my childhood had inspired me to paint this painting.

From the Victorian house, to the heart-shaped garden blooming with flowers, to the boy immersed in his imagination and the mischievous grin upon the little girl’s face, this painting embodies the charm of childhood.

This painting has been framed. The width, height and depth of the painting have been measured including the frame.

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Asif Haque
3 anni fa
Asif Haque Artista
Thank you very much Paul for the compliment you gave me... I truly appreciate it !
Paul Brotherton
3 anni fa
Paul Brotherton Artista, Designer
Compliments on your interesting texts and artworks!

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