A Celebration of Love

A Celebration of Love

Pittura, Amore, Felicità, Olio, 122x92x2cm
At first glance, anyone can notice the large crowd as the very core of this painting. We can see that the people in the crowd are filled with happiness and joy. It is also easily perceivable that this coming together for a cause or a celebration of some sort is happening in London, Great Britain. Initially, this is all the explanation that I wanted the viewer to have. I wanted to leave the rest of the meaning of the painting as a mystery to the viewer.

However, the meaning of the subject, which was my inspiration behind this artwork, has such a significant value that if I leave this as a mystery to viewers then it would not be complete.

This is the crowd that gathered on the streets of London on the 29th of April 2011 for the celebration of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. With all due respect to the Royal family, the major meaning of this painting is not about the Royal family but the crowd that gathered to celebrate the wedding. A wedding is a sacred union – a merging of two destined souls in love with one another and wholeheartedly ready to live the rest of their lives together in happiness and strife. Such true love defies death and stretches to eternity. To see so many people coming together to celebrate an event portraying true love is truly a delightful sight. For in this cynical world we live in at current times, such a wonderful sight is a beacon of hope. The notion that there is still space in this world today for love and truth to prevail despite the odds, is truly lovely, heavenly and enchanting. And it is this scenario that has captured my heart and has been portrayed on the canvas.

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Asif Haque
2 anni fa
Asif Haque Artista
Thank you FlowDown ...
2 anni fa
FlowDown Artista
Excellent! Clearly a lot of time an good thought.

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